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Dream of Californication

Orange and Downtown Disney

I woke up at 3:30am to catch a flight to California and surprisingly everyone I met on my way was chirpy and super sweet. Cab driver, woman at bookstore, girl at bon pain, man I sat next to in the plane (although he let out some naaaasty gas, eww. I'm surprised the oxygen masks didn't deploy). David had been in California for work all week so I was excited to meet him there and spend the weekend in L.A.-L.A., Hell hell-A-LA. Sorry gang but there are so many songs about California and LA that have been popping in my head I feel like I'm in a special TV musical episode of my life. Just waiting to see someone breaking into a song while talking to me and have no one around being surprised by it...
We've been to Cali a few times - in fact, we got engaged in San Diego -
but it will be our first time staying in LA and visiting Hollywood in all its glamour. Who knows, maybe we'll see a few stars and play paparazzi in hope of selling the pictures for a couple hundred (thousand) dollars. Or even better, maybe David will get discovered for his ... juggling talents and become a big star!! Or I'll get discovered for my.. hmm.. Wait.. My talents in... Hmm...nope... I've got nuttin. David is definitely our best shot!!!
I arrived at the hotel a couple hours before David. He had been staying at a Hilton in Orange for the week. One more night and then we move right into LA.
For dinner, we decided to go downtown Disney
so we could walk around and grab a bite to eat there. What a great place! They have stores and restaurants for both kids and the kids at heart. The lego store had a life size giraffe and Darth Vador made of lego. They also had a huge Woody... Take your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of woody, the Woody from Toy Story ;). They also had a "Cars" store where you can chose your race car like Lightning Mc Queen and you can build it yourself and add stickers, rims, flashing headlights and much more. Those are the times when we think having a little boy would be fun... Or be a kid again ourselves would totally work too. We ended up going to Jazz kitchen for dinner, which sucked. You know we love good food but we are not picky eaters either. But serving cold frozen breakfast potatoes as a dinner side or cold greasy green beans should be punishable buy law... Especially in an expensive restaurant like that. But hey, the beer and dessert were good so it didn't put a damper on our great mood :)

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All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die...

This is L.A.

Friday was time to move to our LA hotel. It was located right next to Universal Studios Hollywood and from our 20th floor room; we had a pretty cool view of Universal Studios and Hollywood Hills where some of the huge celebrity houses are perched.
Totally stylin' in our rented Grand Marquis, we took that baby down Sunset Boulevard to meet our friend Max who owns a business there. He invited us for lunch out to the Standard Hotel, a funky hotel/restaurant where Oceans Eleven and Ocean twelve were filmed.
Over some delectable food, we listened to our charismatic South African friend telling us stories about the stars he encounters on a regular basis. See, Max has a house in Hollywood Hills and shares his street with Ryan Philippe, Leonardo Decaprio, Michael Vartan (from Alias), Keanu Reeves, ... Britney Spears also used to live down the street from him. He was also telling us how he receives Perez Hilton's mail(the gossip Queen from perezhilton.com) at his office all the time since they have similar addresses. Life in LA just never seems to be mundane!
After lunch, we made our way back to Universal City Hollywood.
We didn't go into Universal Studios as it was already late in the day and we preferred walking around the mini city. We did a bit of window-shopping and stopped at the Hard Rock for a beer.
Then made our way to our second beer stop at Karl Strauss which is a local brewery. Good beers! For dinner we tried a Brazilian style steak house. First time for me at a place like that. The waiters bring huge sticks full of chunks or pork, beef, lamb, chicken, sausages, etc at your table and keep putting meats in your plate until you flip the card on your table from green to red. I loved it!!! Although David said this place had nothing on the Brazilian Steakhouse he was just at in Phoenix (Fogo De Chao), we literally rolled out of there after feeling like we had each ingested a whole cow...
Next, we went to John Lovitz comedy club for what turned out to be one of the most dreadfully boring nights of our entire lives!!! Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.
Oh my Lord. They came on stage with zero funny material, sat down and talked about childhood memories for an hour. News flash buddies: If NOBODY is laughing for 20 minutes straight during a comedy show, you lose the privilege to call yourselves comics. And here's a tip: you actually need to make jokes to make the word f*ck or nipples funny. Just used randomly, they don't make people laugh. Then for the last 15 minutes Smith talked emotionally about how proud he was of Mewes for being sober for 377 days. Yes, bravo, great for the guy but again, if they were paid by the laugh, their family would be starving! But now at least we had confirmation of why he had not one funny cell in his body: he shot them all away...

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Everybody comes to Hollywood...

They wanna make it in the neighborhood ;)

Saturday was Hollywood day. We took a hop on, hop off bus of Hollywood.
First stop was Hollywood Boulevard. Not that we are big crazed fans of… well… any stars but it was still pretty awesome to see the foot and handprints of big stars like Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and Bing Crosby in front of the Chinese theatre.
Strolling along the walk of fame was fun too, looking down and reading the names of all the stars. Our own David & Annik star must have been on the other side of the road since we didn't see it on our stroll down Hollywood Boulevard. ;)
The Hollywood sign was also exciting to see! The bus took us around the Sunset strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive (Ohhhh to have money…. )
We had lunch at Pink’s Hot dogs which is THE place to have a hot dog in Hollywood. The line was only about 30 minutes wait when we got there but it’s said to have up to a 2 hour wait on any given day. Stars have been known to go get their Pink’s fix regularly too. I know: It’s only hot dogs, but I don’t know if it’s the lengthy anticipation, the drool inducing aroma dancing around people waiting in line or all the different toppings they have to offer but we got to admit they were finger lickin good!! And the way they stuff the hot dogs, there's enough toppings dropping down your fingers to make a whole other meal :P
After a full day of walking around in Hollywood, we hopped back in our super- snazzy Grand Marquis LS and made our way to Santa Monica. What a beautiful place!! A vast sandy beach, an enormous pier with restaurants, stores and a whole amusement park with a Ferris wheel and roller coaster right on it.
We went on the roller coaster – which I hate to love or love to hate.. still haven’t made up my mind on the subject – and we were treated with a near aerial view of Santa Monica. Even nicer then the… non-aerial one ;)
Following a little cocktail at a Mexican restaurant at the very end of the pier, we enjoyed dinner at Bubba Gumps and savored our seafood feast while enjoying the view of the sun setting slowly over the Pacific Ocean…

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